Labor Relations in Las Vegas

buttonsThis public history project studies and celebrates one of our city’s most unique organizations, the Culinary Union. In Spring 2014, students from our Colloquium on Public History cataloged and provided archival storage for a meaningful sample of the material culture associated with the strikes of the Union. These artifacts, previously housed in various storage facilities (sheds, closets) at the Culinary, included nearly 15,000 buttons, thousands of t-shirts, and hundreds of banners. Graduate students sorted, cataloged, and packed a selection of these materials for storage onsite at the culinary and created a catalog to keep track of the objects.


Sister class to Labor Relations in Las Vegas, Line in the Sand is the practical application course that created an exhibit in fall 2014 featuring the Culinary Union in Las Vegas. Our students exhibition featured artifacts from the Union. Held at the Lied Library on the UNLV campus, the exhibition included a oral history component that documented the lived experiences of Union workers as they fought for improved wages and work conditions.