Line in the Sand: The People, Power, and Progress of the Culinary Union

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Las Vegas conjures images of neon lights, lavish casinos, and spirited high rollers. Few of the 40 million annual visitors think about the 385,000 hospitality laborers supporting the tourist industry of Las Vegas and Clark County. At the heart of making Las Vegas work is the Culinary Workers Union Local 226. Line in the Sand: the Power, People, and Progress of the Culinary Union highlights the history and culture of the union and the impact of labor unrest on union members, workplaces, and the city. Against the backdrop of one of the country’s most thriving cities, the exhibition builds upon themes of labor and labor unrest in Las Vegas; the changing demographics of the region and the Culinary; the history of 20th century unions; gender inequality; and interracial cooperation and discord. Line in the Sand explores the evolution of the Culinary Union in conjunction with the social, cultural, and economic changes in Las Vegas for the past five decades.

Take a behind-the-scenes look with curator Hannah Robinson.